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Robert Assaf

Business Builder

About Robert

Robert Assaf is a skilled businessman hailing from Ottawa, Canada. Robert is the owner and President of Kardish Health Food Centre, a chain of seven health food stores in the Ottawa area. Robert is passionate about growing his business and expanding the message of eating right and choosing healthy options for your health. This drive is what has propelled him to expand Kardish from just four stores to seven.

Although Robert believes healthy living is the right way to go, that lifestyle did not come out of nowhere. As a child, Robert’s father owned a health food store, causing him to grow up surrounded by healthy options. Robert credits much of his success to his upbringing and genuine curiosity for business. 

While Robert Assaf currently works in health food, he did not start out in this career path. He initially went to school for Computer Systems, which proved to be useful during his time operating Kardish. Robert learned how to troubleshoot problems, source the right people for advice on areas of the business he was not as familiar with, and always continue to learn, even after mastering the core fundamentals of business.

Due to his nature of consistent learning and growing, Robert Assaf was able to lead Kardish Health Food Centre on a path of exponential growth. Robert is proud of his accomplishments within the business, especially transforming it from a small business to a major local chain. For his work with Kardish, Robert also earned a spot on the Forty Under 40, organized by the Ottawa Business Journal and Ottawa Board of Trade and was nominated for Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. On behalf of Kardish Health Food Centre, Robert has received the CHFA Brock Elliott Award for Excellence in Retailing, the Ottawa Business Journal Employees Choice Award, and the Best Ottawa Business (BOB) Award for Outstanding Business.

One reason why Robert Assaf and Kardish have received so much recognition is because Robert does not stick to the status quo for fear of change. Robert is comfortable with changing the norm if it will grow his business and better benefit everyone. In every business setting, when Robert notices a flaw with an idea, he is not afraid to speak up for the betterment of everyone. He avoids groupthink, and he is willing to be the one to stand apart from the crowd if he is certain it is the right move. Robert constantly seeks out the best solution to problems, not just a good enough solution, which has helped him to make smart business decisions and will continue to serve him well throughout his career.

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