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There are equal parts rewards and challenges in accepting a leadership position. If you dare to take the reins of a project worth your time, you might be able to steer your team to great victories.

A powerful team can make significant changes, so it is no small matter to take leadership of one. You have to get to know the people you work with, ensure that they get along, and encourage them every step of the way.

Successful leaders have written many books to help you with this role. They have been generous with their success stories and failures, passing words of advice to those who would take the position after them.

Here are some great books on leadership to help you become the best leader possible.

1- The Truth About Leadership, by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner

Leadership has many elements that will never change. Reliability, ambition, and humility are qualities that any leader should learn to utilize if they want their business to succeed. The Truth About Leadership shares some of the most effective leadership secrets that everyone in this position should know.

2- Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

A common phrase in business is The customer is always right. It isn’t that simple, but we certainly want our clients to walk away from our services pleased with what we have offered. Delivering Happiness offers wisdom for this part of running a business: You want happy customers to come back.

3- How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

In this classic book, Carnegie teaches that our successes depend on our relationships with clients. He offers tips on how to earn your client’s trust and have them believe that you are the right person to meet their needs. Honesty and trust make for incredible business deals.


If you think that your vocation is leadership, you will never regret choosing this path. With the help of experienced leaders who have left advice for future generations, you will be able to head a successful team capable of completing any projects you set your mind to.