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Most entrepreneurs are used to going hard all day long, and they often assume that their ability to do this is the secret to their success. If they focus on any part of the day, it’s the morning, when they can set the stage for the rest of the day. However, how the day ends can be just as important, especially since this can often be a quiet, reflective time–something most entrepreneurs have little of throughout the rest of the day. The suggestions below are all end-of-the-day rituals practiced by entrepreneurs that anyone can adopt. 


There are two different schools of thought as to what the end of the day is for. One approach can help prepare for the following day by reviewing the schedule and considering whether any changes need to be made to the usual morning wake-up routine, such as getting up early or dressing differently. The other approach does the opposite and sets the business aside entirely. Entrepreneurs spend most of their time immersed in their business, and this can be a valuable opportunity to disconnect and unwind. This disconnection might involve spending time with friends and family or engaging in a hobby. 


Other approaches have to do with cutting oneself off and protecting this time as separate from the rest of the day. Many entrepreneurs follow the advice of sleep experts who advise turning off the phone, putting the phone in another room, and using an alarm clock to wake up instead. Doing this allows you to avoid the light of screens in the hour before bedtime and get a night of sufficient sleep at night.


The end of the day could be used as a time of reflection that might or might not include elements of the workday. For example, it could be used to consider the day’s accomplishments. Another option is keeping a gratitude journal, using pen and paper and not an electronic device to write down three or any other number of things to be grateful for about the day. The bed could keep this journal scribbling down any ideas in the absence of a phone. 


Many entrepreneurs think of time as something that must always be maximized. However, taking some downtime at the end of each day can be refreshing and a deterrent to burnout.