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Leading by example is when a leader uses their behavior to show others the way rather than guiding them by just word of mouth. Leading by one’s actions forms a good leader, which further creates a strong team.

Leaders who lead by example show their juniors how to behave and act in case of Failure. The juniors can then follow in their leader’s footsteps and behave ethically. Having effective leaders who guide their employees creates a team that is inspired, encouraged, and gives a team a sense of direction. As a leader, one should always ‘be the change that they want to see in the world‘, as quoted by Gandhi.

The followings are the ways in which one can lead by example:

Kind Communication

As a leader, one should always ensure that their employees’ dialogues are healthy. It should extend to their clients also. Kind communication makes one’s clients and employees feel cared for and valued.

For instance, one should make it a habit to greet their employees when they get to work and when faced with a question, as a leader, one should always politely answer them. A leader should also help their customers to solve their problems and always address clients’ complaints.

Improving One’s Leadership Skills

Learning how to handle something skillfully is one of the ways that one can lead by example. Leaders should optimize opportunities that offer leadership training to sharpen their skills for better performance.

Handling Conflict Constructively

If a leader doesn’t handle the conflicts well, their employees will never be able to. A good leader should be able to address tension calmly and find an appropriate solution for the conflict.

Fulfilling Their promises

A good leader should follow through with their promises to build trust with their employees. It increases the employees’ confidence in their leader and demonstrates how committed their leader is to their promises. Employees get motivated to take on extra work and engage more when their leader is committed and trusts their leaders.

Handling Failure well

Anytime leaders make decisions or take risks, there is a chance of failing, which is normal and part and parcel of any business. Bouncing back and trying again should be the right step to keep their employees inspired. Leaders should show their employees how to perk up and also encourage them to try again in case of Failure.

Leading by example is important as it brings the leader more trust and respect, increases employees’ morale, increasing productivity. It also creates loyal employees who are more committed to the company.