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Diversity in the workplace is more important today than at any other time in history. In order to promote sensitivity among staff, a diverse leadership team must model the desired behavior. Experts in the field offer confirmed ways to promote diverse leadership. 


Understand the Extents

A noticeable paradigm shift has happened over the past five years. Diversity in the workplace and culture, in general, look different today. New protected statuses, such as the LGBTQ community, have emerged and may change traditional dynamics. Accepted norms and values may be questioned or even challenged. A diverse leadership team promotes meaningful working relationships and teams that work. 


Communicate With Transparency

Identify the stakeholders, generally employees and customers, and schedule communication around the importance of a diverse environment. The importance of global participation cannot be underestimated. Open and honest discussions will gain buy-in and attract a more diverse leadership team. Mission statements should reflect the goals of the company as well as the expectations of individuals within a team. Corporate culture is evident from within the organization as well as to outsiders. Remember that actions speak louder than words. 


Revamp Recruitment Efforts

Hiring practices should absolutely be geared toward finding and retaining the best talent. Diversity plays a major part here and should be evident in all recruitment efforts. Company culture, goals, and mission statements must reflect a diverse attitude and welcoming message. Attracting a diverse talent pool is the first step to promoting diverse leadership. For companies that tend to promote from within, the general hiring process should include effective ways to cast a wide net in the general recruitment techniques. 


Prospecting and Customer Leads

Attracting the right customer base is much the same as the process for attracting the best employee for an open role. Although, creating a diverse customer base does not come with the same compliance guidelines and human resource requirements. However, a diverse customer base will promote diversity among leadership. The sales cycle is a closed-loop process that consistently works its way from sales leads to completion. In the journey, an inquiry or order is touched by many groups. The sales staff, sales manager, and ultimately the executive leadership team will have a hand in the mix.